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Anthony DevineHello, I am Anthony Devine, and I serve as the Teacher Librarian at El Cajon Valley High School (@ECVHS). One of my passions is getting students to use Digital Portfolios to become more mindful of what and how they are learning. I believeĀ  it’s important that we honor what students can do with that they know by empowering them to share their learning with a wider audience.

I’m also very interested in learning about information literacy and how our minds work.

I am on Twitter at @anthonyrdevine and @ecvhslibrary.

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  1. Colleen Canty

    Hi Anthony!

    We are head over heels for the work, research and implementation you’ve championed for digital portfolios in your district. We have been trying to spread the good word of digital portfolios for nearly 6 years now. It’s slowly become a primary goal in many schools and we have so enjoyed the recent conversations we’ve been having — less about the “what” and more about the “why” and “how.”

    We’ve love to connect with you to learn from each other and give you a demo of bulb — what we see as the simplest, most beautiful and comprehensive, purpose-built digital portfolio out there. Would you mind shooting us an email so we can arrange something convenient for you? We’d also love to do a little resource-share of our recent research; hopefully it will help you when teaching the pedagogy and implementation of DPs.

    Thanks for reading! And for the great work you’re doing.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the message, Colleen! Right now, as we’re getting digital portfolios off the ground in my district, we’re certainly looking to maximize tools that we already have available as part of our domain’s Google Suite. That probably means promoting the use of Google Sites as much as possible. I’m a little worried that bringing a cost to my district’s leaders (in addition to the costs associated with promotion and training around using digital portfolios to empower learning) would make them shy away from the whole concept of digital portfolios.

      Your service looks very cool. I’m definitely curious about how Bulbapp would stack up against another paid digital portfolio management service I’ve learned a little bit about: Portfolium. One of the things that I am concerned with long term is what happens to the digital portfolio after high school. I know we can probably have students export a Google Site to a personal Google account using Google’s takeout service or something, but services like Bulbapp and Portfolium might help a long term digital portfolio goal of having the website continue on with the student after high school–and have value for the student after high school. Again, I’m definitely curious about Bulbapp, but I also think that my district is still a long ways away from paying (in addition to what we do for Google Suite) for digital portfolio services for students. We’re still trying to get teachers and students to give the concept a try! I think we’re making progress, but it still feels like we’re at the beginning stages.

      Your videos look fantastic!


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